203k Real Estate Professionals

A Solution and a Plan using 203k Financing

The 203k Program is perfect for anyone looking to purchase a home (first time home buyers too)  for a number of reasons. Most importantly is when you buy a used home using one of these loans, you can customize  your new home the way you want – and finance it into your mortgage.   You get to do what you want – new paint, new appliances, new rugs – even a new roof, driveway, before you move in. 

WHY is this program not utilized more often? Our Total Solutions Team asked the same question. We find that it takes a complete TEAM, from Realtor, to Lender, to Contractor, all working together, to make the 203k program work for you.  We took the challenge, back in 2014 and now find, we are Team Leaders within this marketplace.

Our Select Resource Team

We are a unique Team comprised of experienced Professionals within the realm of Real Estate, Mortgages, Insurance, including a Licensee for  Debt Management Solutions. 

Our Affiliates are represented nationwide. Each Team leader conducts Educational workshops, both in their respective areas and also through the use of online Webinars. Our Academy is dedicated to provide insights and knowledge on how to prepare for a mortgage, before you go to a bank. In addition, managing debt and interest with an advanced software program, brings a 30 year mortgage, down to less than 2%, without refinancing.

When it comes to needing help or assistance to make better Real Estate and Financial decisions; our unique Free Analysis provided by the advanced software technology; can really make home buying or even refinancing, much easier to prepare for. We can provide the elements that are missing, for most people and families across America.

This operating system acts just like a Financial GPS. Uniquely demonstrated and at no cost for a detailed cash flow analysis; this program brings Dreams closer to Reality. Ask about how you can obtain your Free Analysis by contacting  Affiliates at: Analysis@TotalSolutionsAlliance.com

Why call our Pro Team First?

We have organized a complete vertical Financial Team for helping you use the 203k program to buy a home. The primary reason is we have done it ourselves personally. From selecting a home, obtaining a contractor and a certified 203k consultant, to the Lender, to the closing and construction. Most Real Estate agents are unaware how the 203k can help you qualify and buy a home. The Total Solutions Team are specialists and offer a free sit down consultation, to see if you qualify generically for this program. This is what sets us apart from our competition.

Our Mission is to provide alternative solutions to own Real Estate, when the traditional methods are not available.

To arrange a personal confidential appointment, call Pilar Tobias at: 209-874-6762 or 209-565-0597

Other Financing Programs

In addition to 203k financing we offer other Innovative Financing programs for Real Estate & Businesses. More information