203k Real Estate Professionals


the service you deserve

Will 203k work for you? Finding a complete 203k Team is your solution to buying an older home and making it just like new! We can help from start to move in ready. In many ways, this can be a faster delivery time, than If you found a lot and built your new home in 9 months.

Why call our Pro Team First?

We have organized a complete vertical Financial Team for helping you use the 203k program to buy a home. The primary reason is we have done it ourselves personally. From selecting a home, obtaining a contractor and a certified 203k consultant, to the Lender, to the closing and construction. Most Real Estate agents are unaware how the 203k can help you qualify and buy a home. Our Total Solutions Team, are specialists and offer a free sit down consultation, to see if you qualify generically for this program. This is what sets us apart from our competition.

Our Mission is to provide alternative solutions to own Real Estate, when the traditional methods are not available.